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Get Free Books from Publishers!

O'Reilly Books

To order (no more than two at a time) books from O'Reilly, go to the O'Reilly site http://www.oreilly.com(approve sites), select your book(s) and send the request to vice_president@dfwuug.org along with your name and phone number(s) (so I can bug you about completing your review!). It normally takes O'Reilly two to four weeks to deliver the books but I will notify you when they arrive.

Pearson Publishing/Prentice Hall/Addison Wesley

Whenever new books are available, Pearson sends select books to the UUG and made available at our monthly meetings. The book is yours to keep for the price of a review published on the UUG site and wherever else you can (they encourage slashdot if possible).

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