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Content Last Modified on January 06, 2005, at 12:21 PM CST

Official Policies of the Dallas / Ft. Worth UNIX* Users Group

Policies of the DFWUUG are conventions that the board observes. They can be changed or modified by a simple majority decision of the board. It is intended that after policies have been in place for a while that they will be incorporated into the bylaws of the group.

DFWUUG Membership List

The DFWUUG does not share, sell, loan, or exchange any of our lists with anyone. This includes the membership, notify, and other lists, and covers names, email addresses, physical addresses, and/or phone numbers. The information on any of the lists maintained by the DFWUUG are NOT to be used except with the approval of the board.

Corporate Sponsorship

The DFWUUG has offered Corporate Sponsorships for several years, and one of the listed benefits has been 'Free non-voting memberships for your employees.' With the addition of member-only mailing lists, it was unclear whether employees of sponsors would be allowed to participate. The board has now clarified our position. The wording of the benefit will be changed to 'Free associate memberships for your employees.' An associate membership does not have the right to vote, does not receive the newsletter directly, and may not participate directly on the member-only mailing lists. However, an associate member does have the right to indirectly receive the newsletter and indirectly participate on the member-only mailing lists, via the Corporate Sponsorship Contact.

Former Presidents

Any person serving as President of the DFWUUG for a year will be granted free membership for life. This policy applies to Presidents past, present, and future. This will be recorded in the official membership database as 50 years from the beginning of the term of service or last membership renewal.

Membership Payments

  • The DFWUUG will not accept cash for memberships.
  • New and renewed memberships must be sent to the P.O. Box or turned in at a regular meeting. We will not accept memberships at special events.

We're sorry that we've had to do this, but some recent memberships have been lost, and while we'll take care of the people, it's always best if you pay by check so that you have a record.

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