DFW UNIX Users Group
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Volunteers Needed

publicity chairman
We need someone to get our meeting announcements out, to various Newspapers, Newsletters and technical meeting announcement services. (Such as Baker Botts Texas Technology Calendar)

We also need very nice letterhead and brochures.

Video SIG Leader
by Ralph Green, Jr. This is just an idea I am floating at the moment to gauge interest. As good as the Linux SIG is, we need at least a second active SIG for after the main meeting. One idea that interests me is to explore video production on UNIX like systems. I think there are a variety of topics, from appliance boxes like a MythTV setup to video editing with Cinelerra to transcoding into open formats, such as Ogg Theora, I think there are enough topics to explore. Is anyone else interested?
drink coordinator
The drink coordinator buys soft drinks and brings them to the meetings, along with picking up ice on the way. Rusty Haddock has been doing this for quite some time and having someone step up to relieve him would be helpful.
speaker countdown display
It would be cool to have some kind of electronic gadget to time our speakers, both for the main talk and shorter ones we sometimes have. Ralph Green, Jr. has started working on this and could use contributions or post to the discuss mailing list.
idle-time display of sponsors
In order to promote our sponsors who support us, we would like to set up a small box hooked to the projector that during idle times, such as at the start of the meetings, would cycle through the names/logos of sponsors. Ideally it should pull them from our website, so we can stay in-sync with the list of active sponsors. Post to the discuss mailing list to get involved.
banner and volunteers for 1st Sat
Each month at the 1st Saturday vendor site near downtown Dallas, we have a table at which to promote opensource and help others re-install their PCs with an open operating system like Linux or NetBSD. We need volunteers to man the table, and we'd like help in getting some kind of banner made for the table promoting the DFWUUG club. A page for banner designs can be found at: SaturdayBanner. Post to the discuss mailing list to get involved.
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