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DFWUUG Presentation Ideas

(For those considering giving a talk, here are some guidelines(approve sites) for making a good presentation)

Tell us on which topics you'd like to see a presentation given. If possible, also give us the URL of a company or product and perhaps a contact person.

  • Something on AMD's CPUs, either Opteron or AMD-64? DONE 10/2005
  • Differences between Gimp 2.0 and Gimp 2.2 ?

Jeff Rush suggestions:

  • what's cool about PostgreSQL
  • virtual machines; choices, building them w/Python, hosting them
  • anything in-depth about cloud computing
  • about Google's AppEngine
  • MMO games; how they scale up
    • who are the players? what are their basic architectures?
  • mastering Inkscape for technical diagrams
  • VNC; shared whiteboards, alternatives to WebEx/GotoMeeting
  • about new filesystems for Linux like BTR
  • anything about version control systems
  • scripting OpenOffice.org, Blender, The Gimp, XChat
  • a survey of some web frameworks
  • improving the developer's world; his editor, his toolset, his docs

Rusty Haddock suggestions:

  • Have Intel or local distributor present on Atom processor and running Unix/Linux on same.
  • Practical HOWTO on using VM's such as Sun's VirtualBox, VMWare, etc.

Monty Dickerson suggestions:

  • Parrot, the Perl 6 virtual machine DONE 01/2006
  • Virtual Machines e.g. Mono virtual machine, Novell's cloning of the Microsoft DotNet technology
  • Package management technologies (Debian, Redhat, Fedora, Mandrake, etc) and Progeny's revolutionary approach of interposing Components between Distributions and Packages
  • Unix Authentication, Authorization, and Single Sign On, today
  • Directory management of OS resources - Novell, Microsoft, Apple
  • PostgreSQL or MySQL today - conquering everything under Oracle?
  • Python's emerging role as a language for sysadmin, OS building, and even GUI apps
  • Source Code Management - RCS, CVS, SVN, Bitkeeper, Monotone, Subversion - Effective Enterprise Planning, Deployment and Utilization
  • TCO versus DIY - the role of the appliance mindset in today's IT environment

KWee suggestions:

  • Missed the PmWiki presentation last year. Howz about an encore presentation? DONE 09/2005
  • And missed Jeff's VOIP demo, how about an update on how well that works and what hardware's available now?

Ralph Green, Jr suggestions:

Pm's notes (taken from the mailing list):

  • An overview of Pike
  • An overview of awk

Robert Pearson suggestions:

Chris Nystrom:

070810-[rdpcomment] - NewI/O was, and still is, an interesting approach to Web Frameworks. Cloud Computing seems to overwhelm it. Making it a true niche approach.

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