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Newsletter Archive

  • Aug 2003
    Dave Thomas of Pragmatic Programmers; How to Keep (Get) Your Job
  • Jul 2003
    Amy Mitchell of Cisco Systems; Soft Switches
  • Jun 2003
    Tom Ingram, author of "How to Turn Computer Problems into Competitive Advantages"; How to Communicate Your Value
  • May 2003
    Dave Thomas of The Pragmatic Programmers; Ruby Programming
  • Apr 2003
    David Mitchell of Travelocity; The Travelocity Way
  • Mar 2003
    Brian Loose of Apple Computer; Apple OS X: Unix, Killer Interface, AND It Runs Office
  • Feb 2003
    Gary Smith of Motorola; Trusted Computing Platform Architecture
  • Jan 2003
    Rick Hulsey, Senior IT System Design Engineer of Southwest Airlines

Prior Year Archives

Please note, information contained within these publications is historical in nature. Contact information may not be current.

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