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The group meets the first Thursday of the month, with the exception of those months where the Thursday falls on or near a holiday. Below is a list of meetings, past and planned.

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Upcoming Meeting Topics
MeetingSpeaker/CoordinatorPresentation Title/Topic (for slides, if any, see <www.dfwuug.org/presentations/>)
Dec 2017(need a volunteer for -this- month) 
Nov 2017(need a volunteer for -this- month) 
Oct 2017(need a volunteer for -this- month) 
Sep 2017(need a volunteer for -this- month) 
Aug 2017(need a volunteer for -this- month) 
Jul 2017(need a volunteer for -this- month) 
Jun 2017(need a volunteer for -this- month) 
May 2017Anthony DavisUbuntu, with emphasis on containers
Apr 2017(need a volunteer for -this- month) 
Mar 2017(need a volunteer for -this- month) 
Feb 2017(need a volunteer for -this- month) 
Jan 2017Paul Newtonblockchain and some financial implications
Dec 2016David StokesJSON in MySQL
Dec 2016Eric Schnoebolenfollow-up questions on rsync
Nov 2016Hank IvyOff-Network Backup (with rsync)
Oct 2016Kurt HydeElectoral Issues
Sep 2016Kurt HydeElection Integrity: Past, Present and Future
Aug 2016Bill Chipman †splunk text slides
Jul 2016(need a volunteer for -this- month) 
Jun 2016(need a volunteer for -this- month) 
May 2016(need a volunteer for -this- month) 
Apr 2016(need a volunteer for -this- month) 
Mar 2016Leroy TennisonAIDE, Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment slides
Feb 2016(need a volunteer for -this- month) 
Jan 2016(need a volunteer for -this- month) 
Dec 2015Chris Coxpython program to query tablo recordings
Nov 2015(need a volunteer for -this- month) 
Oct 2015(need a volunteer for -this- month) 
Sep 2015John Mason Scott,
American Messaging†
14 Calm Years of PostgreSQL in Critical Messaging†
Aug 2015Video and DiscussionThe QUIC Communications Protocol
Jul 2015Vance Morris, IBMthe Internet of Things
Jun 2015 general discussions, various member talks
May 2015Paul Newton, IBM Innovation CenterIndustry Trends with Linux on Z-Systems†
Apr 2015David JonesDNS Tips, Tuning, and Troubleshooting
Mar 2015cancelled due to weather 
Feb 2015 General discussions, talks by members
Jan 2015David StokesMySQL Workbench
Dec 2014Jon DisnardLinux on ARM, and various Fedora topics
Nov 2014 Various talks by members
Oct 2014Jonathan CurryCreating Highly Available Environments in the Cloud
Sep 2014 Various talks by members
Aug 2014Thomas CameronWhat's New in RHEL 7? slides .pdf file
Jul 2014 Member presentations, including Broadband Hamnet
Jun 2014 Various talks by members
May 2014David StokesKeeping current with MySQL
Apr 2014Chris Buechler POSTPONEDpfSense, an open source filewall
Mar 2014Simon CambridgeAccelerating Applications with IBM Flash
Feb 2014cancelled due to snow 
Jan 2014Paul NewtonLinux running on IBM zEnterprise
Dec 2013cancelled due to ice 
Nov 2013David AldrichTest Anything. Using the Test Anything Protocol, a case study.
Oct 2013Josh Scotta presentation on tor † presentation .odp file
Sep 2013Elizabeth LionsGetting Your Resume on the Hiring Managerís Desk (and out of cyberspace)
Aug 2013David Gilpin, Principal (presales technical) Sales Consultant, OracleOracle Linux and Oracle VM Server for x86
Jul 2013John BittnerJames Robey on "The End of the Read Only Internet" Campaign (with links)
Jun 2013Texas Linux Fest review and a talk by Rusty Haddock on Mesh net building 
May 2013 Short Talks and UNIX 101 talks
Apr 2013David AldrichHow does that look in ____? This will be a set of problems, each implemted in different languages (code and commentary by the panelists). Perl,PostgreSQL,zsh,cron collab
Mar 2013Stuart YarusMore Code Quickies from DFWUUG folk † cjc_code
 Also, officer elections 
Feb 2013Stuart YarusCode Quickies from DFWUUG folk
Jan 2013(need a volunteer for -this- month) 
Dec 2012(need a volunteer for -this- month) 
Nov 2012Eric SchnoebelenNetBSD 6.0 and/or IPv6 †
Oct 2012David AldrichWhat's new with PostgreSQL database engine? Postgres_Oct12_Notes.txt
Sep 2012David StokesThe Proper Care and Feeding of MySQL Databases, for Linux Admins
Aug 2012 Meeting Cancelled (due to overlap with the Texas Linux Fest in San Antonio)
Jul 2012(someone remind me) 
Jun 2012Jeff RushEmacs and the Power of Plain Text
 UNIX 101 (David Aldrich)Vi in your browser? Pentadactyl, It's all text
May 2012Peter Daniels, Volt Workforce Solutions 
 UNIX 101 (Gordon Burditt)File Deduping with Bash † † .bash .odp .ppt .tar
Apr 2012Brad Chism, Computer Crushercomputer recycling
Mar 2012Open Mike Night and 2012 ElectionsBring 5 to 15 minutes about your favorite Unix utility.
Feb 2012Kurt HydeTBA, but concerned with computers and the US election process
Jan 2012Mathias Stearn, 10gen.comMongoDB: A Non-Relational, Document-based DB
Dec 2011Paul Newton, IBM CorporationIBM Watson Technology Overview and Product Potential .odp
Nov 2011Eric SchoenebelenThe Jabber Protocol: More Than Just Instant Messaging†
Oct 2011David AldrichMy platform. An overview of the LAMP stack and tools I use, with some example code.
Sep 2011Pat Cameron, Skybot SoftwareSkybot Scheduler, a cron enhancement
Aug 2011Jeff McNeelyTour of the IBM Innovation Center
Jul 2011David StokesOpen Source Business Intelligence Programs
 UNIX 101 (David Aldrich)Using PAM with 2 paths to authentication
Jun 2011Eric Schoenebelen"The Coming Changeover to IPv6 Addressing"
May 2011Bill Chipman and Mary McNeely"Open Source Network Authentication" .pdf and "Oracle Tips and Tricks"
Apr 2011Kaiser Saeed, IBMAn Agile Cloud Infrastructure
Mar 2010Narender Ramireddy, IBMAn Introduction to Android Development
Feb 2011Kaiser Saeed, IBMAbout the Cloud - cancelled due to weather
Jan 2011(talk leader is John Riggler)(topic TBA)
Dec 2010Hank Ivy"Why and How GnuPGP/PGP are Useful Tools"
 Jeff Rush (during Linux-SIG)Demo/hardware review of the MS Kinect 3D Camera
Nov 2010Jeff Rush"Surviving as a Consultant: Sales, Legal, Accounting, Scheduling" Slides .pdf .txt
Oct 2010Evan Brown, DFWUUG Past President"Who Owns Your Brain?" Commentary and Discussion
Sep 2010Chris Cox"Agentless computer inventory systems"
Aug 2010David Aldrich"Random Talk: Specifically Hardware Sources Thereof" http://dga.sdf.org/rand.html
Jul 2010Paul Newton, IBM"Unix and Linux on IBM System z Mainframes"
Jun 2010Ryan Quick with Paypal"Distributed Computing and Messaging Apps: How They are Used by PayPal"
Start of Member-Coordinated Talks in June and afterward  
May 2010Eric SchoenebelenWriting for Technical Publication
 Jeff Rush (during Linux-SIG)A Minitalk: Managing Mountable Devices
Apr 2010Dale Young"Near Zero Downtime in Database Migration"
Past Meeting Topics
MeetingSpeakerPresentation Title/Topic (with links to slides, if any)
Mar 2010Kurt Hyde"Computers in Elections -- How to Prevent Fraud"
Feb 2010Udi FuchsThe UFraw Library for Camera I/O
Jan 2010William Chipman, Chipman Information ServicesPCI DSS: Secure Payment Systems (whitepapers/slides/C-source)
Dec 2009Ralph Green Jr.Comparison of Ten Linux Distros
Nov 2009Brandon Haynes, CraftLogic Software"Building a blog site with Ruby on Rails, and extending the app with Flex."
Oct 2009Patrick Michaud"Rakudo Perl 6 : Confessions of an Open Source Project Leader"
Sep 2009Kevin Pate, Pate ConsultingAsterisk Howtos
Aug 2009Danny Faught, Tejas Software ConsultingRobust Scripting
Jul 2009Rebecca Holleron, Sun MicrosystemsSun's xVM OPS Manager
Jun 2009Dennis Simpson, August Associates"About Metadata"
May 2009Steve Fuhrman, New York Air Brake"The Use of Linux in Railroad Simulation Systems"
 Jeff Rush, Tau Productions Inc.Installing Gentoo
Apr 2009Kevin Pate, Pate ConsultingMySQL Clustering
Mar 2009Ralph Green, Jr.Unix/Linux technical workshop (Family night)
Feb 2009Jon Campos, United Mind Set"Rich Internet Applications"
Jan 2009Andrew Benrey, QlogicFiber Channel Over Ethernet
Dec 2008Patrick MichaudLatest News about the Parrot Virtual Machine
 Jeff Rush, Rusty HaddockSpeech Synthesizers, Gadgets and Linux
Nov 2008Jim Gatewood, Author & HistorianTop O' Hill Gambling Establishment & the Texas Oil Rich
Oct 2008Daniel Hebert, Sun MicrosystemsThe Green Data Center
Sep 2008Jeff Rush, Tau Productions Inc."What is Python and Why is it Cool?"
Aug 2008Jeremy Reed with ISC"DNS SEC"
Jul 2008Michael Friesenegger, Novell"Mono virtual machine w/Moonlight"
Jun 2008Said Syed, Sun Microsystems"VMware Storage VMotion: Live migration of Virtual Machines from one Storage Array to another."
 Jeff Rush, Tau Productions Inc.Overview of the OpenMoko Linux Phone (video)
May 2008Eric Schoenebelen, DFWUUG Web HostState of the BSDs -- 2008
Apr 2008Charles Howe, Tejas Software Consulting"Module Regression Testing"
Mar 2008[no meeting]Cancelled due to weather
Feb 2008Ralph Green Jr."Hands on with some Linux/Unix distros you have heard of, but probably have not seen."
Jan 2008John Clutter, eSoft systems"Internet Appliances"
Dec 2007Joe Koester, Evergreen Systems"Another perspective on ITIL"
Nov 2007Bob Netherton, Sun MicrosystemsOpen Solaris
Oct 2007Q&A, Robert Half, etc.IT Recruiter Panel
Sep 2007E.J. Pappas, Solidcore Systems"ITIL, The IT infrastructure Library"
Aug 2007Danny Faught, Tejas Software ConsultingEverything is UNIX - Adventures in Cross-Platform Tolling
Jul 2007Derrick Harcey, Sun Microsystems"Integrated Identity Management Solution"
Jun 2007Patrick MichaudWikiPatterns: Wiki techniques for collaboration and consensus building
May 2007Dennis Simpson, August & AssociatesSemantic Enterprise Platform
Apr 2007Vincent Chacko, MKS Software"One Solution, One Architecture, Total Visibility"
Mar 2007Eric Lundgren, Vmware Sr. Sys EngineerVmWare
Feb 2007Rick Spurgeon, Red HatRed Hat Enterprise Edition and the Red Hat Global File System
Jan 2007Keith Priddy, Platform Computing PartnersGrid Computing
Dec 2006Chris Nystrom, EntrepreneurNew/IO
Nov 2006Lloyd Chappell, Dallas Chamber of CommerceHi-tech Financial Planning
Oct 2006Dave Thomas, Founder of the Pragmatic ProgrammersAn Evening with Ruby and Rails
 Jeff Rush, Tau Productions Inc.About Dynamic Languages and Python, an online slide show (source in Docutils/S5(approve sites) format)
Sep 2006Kip Harris, IBM - AustinService Oriented Architecture
Aug 2006Dan Butzer, Sun MicrosystemsGrid Computing, from Sun's Perspective
 Eric SchnoebelenState of the BSDs
Jul 2006Pat Nurre, Novell - IrvingNovell Xenworks Linux Management Version 7
Jun 2006Patrick Michaud, the Perl 6 project "pumpking"Source Code Management using Subversion
May 2006Bob Farkaly, Overland StorageBackup & Recovery of Storage-Area-Networks using Virtual Tape Libraries
Apr 2006Daniel Brookshier, former President of Java MUGPeer-to-Peer and JXTA
 Jeff RushRsync, Incremental Backups, Speeding Up SSH and Intro to Openoffice.org 2.x by Jeff Rush\\ (my scripts and programs to go with talk)
Mar 2006Richard McFarlandAbout Voice-over-IP
 Blake CovarrubiasPPTP "road warrior" VPN with FreeBSD and MPD
Feb 2006??? 
Jan 2006??? 
Dec 2005??? 
Nov 2005??? 
Oct 2005??? 
 Jeff Rush, Tau Productions Inc.User Authentication with Zope2
Sep 2005??? 
Aug 2005??? 
Jul 2005??? 
Jun 2005??? 
May 2005??? 
Apr 2005??? 
Mar 2005Josh Coburn, Nuview Software in HoustonFile Life Cycle Management using v5.5 of StorageX
Feb 2005Dennis Simpson, August & AssociatesBuilding WebApps That Truly Separate Applications and Data
 Jeff Rush, Tau Productions Inc.KuroBox: A Cool Embedded Linux Box
Jan 2005Sean Costello, Bynari Systems Inc.Replacing Microsoft Exchange with a Linux Infrastructure
Dec 2004Jeremy Mann, UT Austin HSCHuman Genetic Research using BEOWULF Clusters Speaker No-Show
Nov 2004Patrick MichaudAll About Wiki's and PM Wiki Specifically
Oct 2004Bob Netherton of Sun MicrosystemsJDS (Java Desktop System), Linux on a Sparc Station
Sep 2004Eric, Central Iowa (Model) RailroadThe State of BSD
Aug 2004Randy Kreiser, LSI's Director of HPC Storage ArchRAID I/O Performance Tuning
Jul 2004Dale Young, Applied SolutionsOracle Backup and Recovery - Protecting the Corporate Assets
Jun 2004Marc RochkindAppl Portability Between Unix/Linux and the Posix Standard
 Jeff Rush, Tau Productions Inc.A Survey of the Python Language
May 2004Danny Faught, Tejas Software ConsultingOpen Source Development Tools: Coping with Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt
Apr 2004??? 
 Jeff Rush, Tau Productions Inc.Voice-over-IP and the Asterisk Software

Meeting format

The meetings are informal. We usually invite visitors and any firms in attendance to briefly introduce themselves. A short business meeting ensues. Then we break for pizza, so you need not eat before coming. The high point of the evening is, of course, the Program. Occasionally, we have tutorial sessions, which are excellent, and are without charge. If you would like to present the Program or conduct a seminar, please contact the Program Chairman.

We do not limit ourselves to any one flavor or UNIX or a particular vendor. Our programs cover a wide variety of topics. These range from general marketing trends all the way to highly technical language presentations.

Other Information

  • Group regularly draws 30 - 50 to meetings.
  • Meetings and seminar open to all, without charge or reservation.
  • Group has been meeting since 1981.
  • Corporate membership, $360/yr; Individual membership $12/yr.
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